Top 3 tennis rackets

Today the tennis rackets being used are made of graphite. Initially when the game was first played the rackets used were made of wood. Wood is heavy and sturdy and the experience gained when playing back then is completely different from the one that players get today. The graphite rackets are light weight yet sturdy. Players today cannot even begin to imagine how interesting it must have been playing with the rackets made from wood. In the present day there are so many diverse tennis rackets from the different manufacturing brands. Initially there were three main types of tennis rackets that existed in the market namely the Dunlop, Head and Wilson. These three tennis rackets are still popularly used by a big population of tennis players. Majority of individuals using these brands have been using them since the 1968 slams. The Prince, Babolat and Yonex brands emerged in the market shortly afterwards and some players won matches while using them.


This brand is responsible for producing the Steam 99S tennis racket by the use of advanced technology. This racket is considered the most recent and innovative tennis racket in the market. The racket has been specifically designed to assist the player in spinning the ball better. The racket first emerged in the market during the opening of the year. The racket has the capacity to measure the accurate spin of the ball by the use of the Doppler radar technology. The strings on the racket are fewer and they are spread widely unlike the common rackets used. The manufactures have estimated that the boost given by the racket on the spin is about 200 RPM. The concept used in the design is that the more spins given to the ball the higher the chances of the ball working. Normally the brand produces rackets with tiny heads but this design is much larger.


Dunlop is the brand that created the Aerogel 4D. This racket has been manufactured by the use of the Aerogel technology in combination with the 4D braided technology. This aerogel technology is a new version that is different from the one used in the initial racket models. The new technology is much better since it gives the player more stability while handling the racket due to the 4D braided technology that has been added on the frame features. The 4D braided fibers are made from the S-glass fiber which is wrapped in an Aluminium alloy sheath.


The brand has created tennis rackets like the Youtek IG Prestige Mid Tennis Racket that is the most recent and technologically advanced racket from them. The melt-spun innegra fibers are used to make the frames to increase their comfort.

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