The Most Durable Dog Toys

Not all pets are playful but a huge variety of dogs are playful. Dogs are a source of fun and happiness and with that you will agree with me that you always find it necessary to do something and wait to see how your dog will respond. For instance, if you throw a dog flyer far from where you are standing, your will find that an aggressive dog will go after it bite it, play with it and some of the intelligent ones will even bring it back to where you are. This calls for the need to select the most durable dog toys.

Hurley Dog Bone

This is a toy that has been created in such a way that a dog will mistake it for a bone. They are bright in color and this will remind you of an active baby who will be attracted by bright colors. Just make sure your dog is using a good retractable leash when playing with a bone, or they might run away!

They are durables given the fact that they are made of durable rubber that can be bitten hard but the dog teeth may not penetrate at all. They are perfect for aggressive dogs who love biting such toys and hiding them for the next bite.

The Tuffy Mega Ring

The tuffy mega ring is also one of the most durable dog toys you can get. This toy is not made of rubber or enamel but of a very hard fabric. This is not to say that your dog teeth will not penetrate the fabric but it may not be able to tear it at all. This is for those dogs that love playing with a fluffy material. If your dog love thin kind of toy, then consider buying one for him/her.

The CycleDog Flat Tire Flyer

Most of the dog lover have this kind of toy and you will agree with me that it does a lot especially when training your do to chase and catch flying objects even before they touch down. It is made from rubber and has the ability to float meaning that if thrown into the water, your dog may be forced to swim just to make sure that it catches he flyers.

Huckama Ball

This is also the best dog toy for a playful dog and not the lazy ones. It is an irregular shaped ball that has holes and when thrown, it might bounce in a direction which your dog may not have foreseen. This is due to uneven ball surface hence giving your dog an extra lesson.

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