Best golf ball brands

You can rest assured that all golf balls are made equally, though there are different types of golf players in accordance to the pro levels. Luckily the games itself allows players to test different courses and hole distances using any equipment, even ones used by professionals. Although the iron and drivers used by professionals are quite expensive and may make golfing with such equipment seem impossible, then you can at least try using the same      golf ball brands that are built by top brands.

About golf balls

Though the feeling of using the same ball as the professionals may be awesome, it surely doesn’t guarantee the same game performance as that of the professional level. This coming from the fact that professional level balls react differently to the skill and level of the golfer. Good news is that there are various levels of balls in avail to various levels of players, both in terms of price and skill meaning one can use a golf ball from the same company as his favourite professional, but a level or two lower.   

Different types of the best golf ball brands.

The best golf ball brands overall are:


Being marked as the best golf ball overall, the Titleist Tour soft ball is designed further for better feel and distance in comparison to the two layer golf balls. It is made from one of the best golf ball creators which make it an interesting choice at a great price. This golf ball is two layered and has a very thin cover, giving some golfers the idea that it could deliver a three or four layered ball performance.

This ball has a redesigned cover made of a mix of   materials meant to handle the large core allowing a greater exit velocity. The thinner cover is meant to deliver the perfect feel and spin.     

This is best golf ball for amateurs to learn to spin.

Taylor Made.

The Taylor Made golf ball is perfect for practice on approach shots, giving the golfer more control. It is also the best when learning how to spin and control the ball. Its upgraded version carries a high spin rate on proper striking. This also disqualifies it as the best choice for high handicap golfers, although it can very much be of training help to a bogey golfer on shooting also gives the mid-level golfers the kind of performance from high-level golfers.

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