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Wildlife Photography Equipment

Surprisingly most metal fans seem to hate humans as a hole but seem to love animals. As you have all requested an article on Wildlife here is one on photography and the required equipment!

Wildlife photography is something interesting. The result can make us amazing. Certainly, getting the amazing result is not simple. There are several types of equipment that should be prepared before hunting the object. The photographer may spend several hours for capturing the target. Do you wonder the equipment needed for wildlife photography? If you want to know wildlife photography equipment, keep reading this article.

Monocular or binocular

The photographer may need to scan the horizon in order to find the target. Monocular or binocular can be important stuff that should be brought. Monocular can be good choice when the photographer should hike to the location. Monocular is light, small, and can be fitted into the belt. Binocular can be perfect option when shooting the target from the safari vehicle.  But, the decision to both options is up to the photographer.

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Commonly, good wildlife photography is in the early morning or late evening. In this time, the light is not too harsh. The photographer will need to spend some time in the dark before or after the shooting session. Headlamp is very important when the two hands handle the camera bag. Headlamp is also useful to illuminate surrounding when walking. Small and powerful LED torch can be great option for wildlife photography equipment.

Telephoto lens

In some cases, photographer needs long lens to get great wildlife photo. There are many options of telephoto lens. The cheaper brands for long lenses include the Thamron and Sigma. The expensive options are Nikon and Canon.


Tripod is crucial item in order to hold the camera. Tripod can help the photographer gets consistent results. Tripod is also useful to avoid fatigue. In order to get great result, the photographer may spend several hours to meet the right moment. Using tripod can save energy. It is better to avoid buying too cheap and too short tripod. Too cheap tripod commonly is not good. Good quality tripod with good maintenance can last for several years. Ensuring the sturdiness is very important to extend the life of the tripod.


Gimbal is wildlife photography equipment that is placed on the top of tripod. This is important tool that should be carried when hunting wildlife photo. This toll can make balance the combination of camera and lenses. With this tool, the photographer can pan and tilt the camera in any direction effortlessly. The price of this tool is various. The most expensive option is $700.

Camera bag

Camera bag is very important to carry the gear. It is better to choose a bag that can accommodate long lenses. The bag should be designed for travel purpose. Walking all day with uncomfortable bag will make problem. So, choosing comfortable bag is much recommended.

Lens rain cover

When hunting wildlife photo, there is no guarantee on the weather. Lens rain cover is important wildlife photography equipment. Carrying waterproof cover is very great idea. This item can protect the camera and lens from rain. There are several options for the cover.