Who invented golf?


The exact origin of the sport remains unclear and is very much subject to debate. A number of historians believe that the game can be traced back to paganica, which is a game of roman origin. According to this theory, the game was able to reach faraway areas like europe and britain when the romans conquered these places sometime in the 1st century B.C.


According to the history, the modern version of golf was invented by scots sometime in the 12th century. Based on records, shepherds living in there were seen hitting stones with a stick right into rabbit holes. Today, the site where these people were first seen playing is currently the location of the royal and ancient golf club of saint andrews. Earliest mention of golf appeared in 1457, in the act of scottish parliament. It was mentioned that the king prohibited the game of gowf (presently called golf). He said that the game was a distraction for the military from practicing archery. It was considered an unprofitable sport and also unsuitable for women.

Aside from this one, another theory considers the Chinese game called chuiwan as the origin of the sport, which was a highly popular game in china sometime in the 8th century. Other possible origins of the game include chambot in france, chaugan in persia as well as cambuca in england. In 1297, a similar game referred to as kolven was played yearly, within the loenen area in netherlands.

Golf is a club-and-ball sport where the players use various sizes of clubs to hit the ball into a series of holes on a course in strokes as few as possible. Golf does not have a standard sized playing area unlike other ball games. Managing with the varied terrain, encountered on different courses, is a key part of the game. The game at the normal level is played on a path with an arranged series of 18 holes. The recreational golf courses are smaller, often having 9 holes. Each hole on the course must contain a tee box to start from, and a putting green which has the actual hole or cup. There are other standard forms of terrain in between, such as the fairway, uneven path, bunkers, and various other hazards but each hole on a course is unique in its specific layout and arrangement.

The best golf hats for golfers

Today, we are going to help you in choosing the best golf hats that are available in the market based on your preference. Before purchasing a hat, you should develop specific criteria so that you can buy the hat which can fulfill your need and the best golf hats are made by keeping that in mind.

Things to consider

Before purchasing a hat, you should first know that what kind of hat do you want to buy. Most of the players don’t know that which type of hat should they purchase. There are many golf hats available like the Titleist golf hat, the Puma golf hat, the golf bucket hat and some others.

Furthermore, it is good to know that what are the advantages and disadvantages of the hat that you intend to buy because in this way you get to know all the traits of a hat.

Best golf hats list

After analysis we were able to make the following list of best golf hats:

1) The Taylor made R15 thirty stretch fit golf cap

This is the first hat on this list, and it has been placed on top because of its superior quality and design. Moreover, this hat is available in 8 different colors. More colors mean that you have many choices to choose from. Each color comes with its uniqueness. This hat is made of 95 percent of woven polyester and 5 percent of woven spandex. This hat is very lightweight which makes you more comfortable.

2) The Straw trucker visor-natural

Like other top quality hats, it is also made up of cotton. This hat is made up of about 75 percent of straws which makes it more comfortable. This hat is also suitable for vacations and picnics due to its fashionable look. This hat has a great feature with which you can the change dimensions of the hat to fit in your head easily.

3) The Nike golf sun protect bucket hat

Many people like to play the outdoor games like golf but the main hurdle for them is the UV. The Nike golf hat can serve every customer due to its bucket design which saves you from the UV radiation. This hat is made up of 88 percent of polyester and 12 percent of spandex plain woven. This golf hat comes with the Dri FIT fabric which helps you in avoiding the wet feeling.

4) The Nike golf Dri fit swoosh visor

The visor hats are one of the many successful selling hats. This hat has 100 percent dry-fit polyester twill. This hat is very impressive due to its DRI-FIT management. It has three-panel visors which keep the hat cooler. It is not very costly the only thing to note is that you should purchase the correct size.

Other hats include the king cobra pro tour fly, the ping kp cap golf hat, and some others. The hats mentioned-above are of superior quality and come from reputable manufacturers due to which they are one of the best golf hats.

What are the best golf socks?

Many individuals may take it lightly but the attire you wear plays a significant role in the final outcome of the game. Golf just like any other sport requires the player to be well armed not only with the appropriate tools but also the appropriate attire. The golf attire is inclusive of the golf socks, so if your scores in the game have not been very encouraging it might be time to evaluate how appropriate your gaming gear is. In golf most of the task involves standing and walking which is why it is essential to have your feet protected and comfortable since they are responsible for handling your weight throughout the game. When you are in the ideal pair of golf socks your legs will be provided with the perfect support and grip. All the golf socks available in the market are different in quality as well as the brands manufacturing them. It is therefore up to the player to select the best golf socks.

Purpose of the golf socks

The main purpose of the best golf socks is to ensure that the ankles do get scuffled by the shoes. If the golf socks you have purchased leave you with hot spots and blisters after the game then they are not the best. they are greatly failing in their core function of ensuring that the feet are protected from any scuffling that might be done by the shoes.


The most popular brand of golf socks which considered among the top best is the SwiftWick sock series. This brand of socks has been made using the highest quality materials and advanced technology to ensure that they are comfortable, desirable and durable. the procedure used in the manufacturing of the socks involves the use of two hundred needles to create perfectly contoured as well as tight fitting pair of socks that are ideal for use in almost all sports. They are free of the main problems associated with socks such as misfits, or bunches that might result to blistering when worn for a long period of time.

Aspire Zero

This type of socks are designed to be what are referred to as ankle socks since they go as high as the ankle length hence not visible above that. This type of socks is not only ideal for sports like golf but also can be worn with your favourite pair of loafers. Their design is aimed at creating maximum comfort and protection for individuals that will wear them for a long duration of time such as golfers, cyclists and runners.

The Most Durable Dog Toys

Not all pets are playful but a huge variety of dogs are playful. Dogs are a source of fun and happiness and with that you will agree with me that you always find it necessary to do something and wait to see how your dog will respond. For instance, if you throw a dog flyer far from where you are standing, your will find that an aggressive dog will go after it bite it, play with it and some of the intelligent ones will even bring it back to where you are. This calls for the need to select the most durable dog toys.

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Hurley Dog Bone

This is a toy that has been created in such a way that a dog will mistake it for a bone. They are bright in color and this will remind you of an active baby who will be attracted by bright colors. Just make sure your dog is using a good retractable leash when playing with a bone, or they might run away!

They are durables given the fact that they are made of durable rubber that can be bitten hard but the dog teeth may not penetrate at all. They are perfect for aggressive dogs who love biting such toys and hiding them for the next bite.

The Tuffy Mega Ring

The tuffy mega ring is also one of the most durable dog toys you can get. This toy is not made of rubber or enamel but of a very hard fabric. This is not to say that your dog teeth will not penetrate the fabric but it may not be able to tear it at all. This is for those dogs that love playing with a fluffy material. If your dog love thin kind of toy, then consider buying one for him/her.

The CycleDog Flat Tire Flyer

Most of the dog lover have this kind of toy and you will agree with me that it does a lot especially when training your do to chase and catch flying objects even before they touch down. It is made from rubber and has the ability to float meaning that if thrown into the water, your dog may be forced to swim just to make sure that it catches he flyers.

Huckama Ball

This is also the best dog toy for a playful dog and not the lazy ones. It is an irregular shaped ball that has holes and when thrown, it might bounce in a direction which your dog may not have foreseen. This is due to uneven ball surface hence giving your dog an extra lesson.

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